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Most photos are able to be Parallel Viewed. To Parallel View, look into the distance, "through" the images until they become one. It takes a while to force the eyes into focus, and usually takes considerable practice. It may be helpful to use a viewer to assist, such as one of the viewers from Loreo.

Some of the photos are displayed for Cross-Eyed viewing. This can be free-viewed by going cross-eyed so that the left eye is looking at the right image, and the right eye is looking at the left image. Then you need to force the eyes to focus. Again, it requires a bit of practice.

A small number of photos are provided as red-cyan anaglyphs. To view these, you will need a pair of red-cyan glasses.

ParallelCross-Eyed Speed boat at Lake Macquarie, 100 kilometres north of Sydney.
Parallel | Cross-Eyed Julie at Crosslands
Parallel | Cross-Eyed Andrew at Loch-Ard Gorge, Victoria.
Parallel | Cross-Eyed Andrew at Vincents Outlook, Coopernook State Forest, Mid North Coast, New South Wales.
Parallel | Cross-Eyed Daniel, nearly 3 years old, on the swings at Playgroup.
Parallel | Cross-Eyed The Art Gallery, Sydney, taken circa 1915 by my Great Grandfather, Garibaldi Tyler.
Parallel 3D cards, found in packets of Sanitarium Weet-Bix in the 1960s.
Parallel An old friend, Daniel Large, kindly gave me this Pocket Rotoscope which he'd acquired. It comes complete with 12 images from the "Actors and Actresses" series, plus an extra photo of South Brisbane Town Hall. It dates back to circa 1905.
Parallel | Cross-Eyed Me with my brother and father on the top of the arch of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, August 2001.
Red-Cyan Me on my 40th birthday, July 2003.
Parallel | Red-Cyan Pelican feeding time at The Entrance.
Parallel | Red-Cyan Daniel near the Blow Hole at Kiama.

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