Audio Recording

I had a 43 year career in sound recording. Now, in my retirement, I'm still passionate about sound recording and very excited about the new models of sound recorders using 32 bit float technology and the new noise reduction and voice enhancement apps that are vastly superior to what we had previously.

32 bit float

The enormous dynamic range of a 32 bit float recording means that you do not have to set the recording level at all. Every recording will be recorded at the optimal level and can be adjusted to the optimum playback level after the recording has been made, without any loss of quality.

More about recording using 32 bit float

Voice Enhancement

Not long ago, there were few voice enhancement tools for jobs such as noise reduction and reverb reduction.

Almost every other week, there seems to be new software available to enhance voices in ways that simply were not possible even a year ago.

More about voice enhancement

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