This is my idea of a perfect relationship. Although some of it is idealistic, I still think we need to aim high. I lived this way for the nineteen years that I was married to Julie before she tragically died of a brain haemorrhage. And I intend to live this way when I remarry.

My Perfect Relationship

I need someone who is affectionate and considerate, who eagerly desires intimacy, but agrees with me that sexual intimacy is reserved for life-long relationships.

In the early part of the relationship, you would want to spend a lot of time talking, walking, picnicking, getting to know each other (and each other's families and friends).

If we find each other suitable for a life-long partnership,

Most things are negotiable. After all, relationships are about compromise.

You would need to be a committed Christian. On that point, I cannot compromise.

An excerpt from “My Grief”, by Andrew Host.
© Copyright 2006. All rights reserved.

Postscript - April 2007

The above item was written in May 2006 when I was single. Since then, I fell in love and married Roslyn. The above writings formed the basis of our wedding vows, which follow:

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