My Grief

Part 14 - The reply


Wednesday, 14th June 2006

I received the answer I've been waiting two weeks for. An email arrived from her this evening in reply to the letter I sent her on the first of June. She wrote:

“Thank you for your letter. I have thought a great deal about it on many levels. Two things I need to say first, one is that I am incredibly sorry to hear about your wife...that is a sadness for you and your son beyond my wildest imaginings and my sympathies to you both.

“Secondly I have a lovely lovely partner who has been in my life for nearly two years and with whom I am very happy...for the first time in a very long time I am able to say that.”

So that's that. There was more to the email than that, but what I've quoted is what matters. She’s not available. I must now move on, emotionally and practically. I've really been obsessed with this - embarrassingly so. Perhaps this is for the best. It could only have been complicated. And yet, I am very sad for what this loss means, to the point of tears.


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