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Following is a list of synopses of various episodes of "Yes, What?".

If you've come across an episode, you can use it to help you find what episode you have. There are some episodes for which I have not been able to find any information. I have heard all episodes, except those marked "Not reviewed".

The Original Episode Number is that which was written on the original disc.

The Gibson Episode Number is the number allocated by Grace Gibson Productions when they were syndicating the program. The Gibson numbers are often out of sequence and sometimes random, but are supplied here just in case that's the only data you have. At least you can now find out what the real episode number is and the correct sequence.

BO = Bottomley
GB = Greenbottle
ST = Standforth
PI = Pickles (De Pledge)


Original Episode Number Gibson Episode Number Subject Description  
PARENTS' DAY Includes Mr Bottomley, Mr and Mrs Greenbottle. Not reviewed
ENGLISH ST: Why are there more accidents in cars than trains; BO brings his calf to school; Evacuate. GB's poem. GB:"I'm a very clever fella."
MENTAL ARITHMETIC, HISTORY, CHEMISTRY ST is late because his mother kept him
CHEMISTRY Experiment with water and a piece of sodium. Not reviewed
CHEMISTRY BO must surrender his lollies. GB's old man's getting Elephants Trunk.
GEOMETRY, HISTORY Percy has a nasty cold and lumbago.

The butcher; Sufficient
COURT ROOM In the court room; Percy's assault charge.
HISTORY / GEOGRAPHY Questions; 1066; Scotland; Percy strikes GB unconscious.
CHEMISTRY Golf socks; "OK, shoot!"; Alkaline; GB's uncle the navigator.
THE BALIFFS The court baliffs visit the school at seize all of the school furniture. Not reviewed
AFTER THE BALIFFS Boys' parents agree to guarantee the bank's overdraft

ST sings "Song of Australia".
GEOGRAPHY Playing football before class; Window broken; Idle rumour; Rivers of Egypt; GB's essay on horses.
POETRY GB's poem: "Under The Spreading Chestnut Bough"
ENGLISH The verb "To be"; "The sins of the fathers..."; GB counts to ten; "Girls is naturally better looking than boys".
MATHS BO's fishing line; GB announces a party; Miscellaneous; GB's father grows mashed potatoes.
MATHS Percy has a hangover; Scrimmage; Percy has to leave the room; BO puts a pin on Percy's chair.

BO has a toothache. GB's essay "Birds, their haunts and habits."
ENGLISH BO's imposition "A Description of a Test Match". The Merchant of Venice. Not reviewed

BO brings a statue of Buddha. BO's essay on Australia.
FRENCH Percy had a heart turn. The verb "To Be" in French. Not reviewed
SCHOOL INSPECTOR A school inspector is tricked. Percy tells him that GB is deaf. BO gets several answers right. Not reviewed
AMERICAN HISTORY GB dreamed he cut his throat and thought he'd been kidnapped. Not reviewed
AMERICAN HISTORY BO found fast asleep. Diplomats / front door mats. Honest George Washington. Not reviewed
POETRY BO's birthday
PHYSICS GB is late because he blew out the fire laughing at himself. Not reviewed
SNOOTLES' FIRST EPISODE Mr Snootles the class photographer.
ENGLISH "The Toast Was Drank In Silence"; "The Milk Do Not Taste So Good".
HISTORY BO's dozen eggs; GB dreamed he'd been to school; Mr Snootles returns with the photo.
HISTORY Norman kings; Noah; Robin Hood.
HISTORY BO brings his ferret to school; GB's bike pump; Norman kings; GB's essay on Charles the First.
GEOGRAPHY Boys fighting; GB on time; Fabrication; Italy
GEOGRAPHY Countries in Europe; BO's pocket knife.
THE ZOO part 1 At the zoo; Includes a peanut seller.
THE ZOO part 2 BO in the bear pit; The zoo keeper; Car crash.
THE ZOO part 3 After the crash; In the hospital.
LECTURE: KINDNESS TO ANIMALS GB's dog Roger is called Sandy. The Lion and the Mouse.
DRILL GB is suffering from pointed shoes.
GEOGRAPHY India; Post Mortem;
PHYSICS BO caught with a packet of cigarettes.
ENGLISH Boys outside playing marbles.
HISTORY BO plays with a mousetrap; Norman kings are Oliver Cromwell and the Three Muskateers.
HISTORY Greenbottle feared injured in a road accident
SCHOOL CONCERT The School Concert
LATIN Fiasco; GB's aunty died yawning; Mensa; GB wants some water; GB's essay: The Life of King John
HISTORY BO's essay: Legislation In The 14th Century
GEOGRAPHY BO late; Boycott; Japan.
ENGLISH ST crying; GB: "It's about time"; GB's father's sundial; Campaign.
ENGLISH BO's essay: "The Life of a Moth"; Clinic / Cynic; Moth / Myth.
ENGLISH Noah's Ark; GB's father didn't understand; Patience and perseverance; Bruce and The Spider.

GB early; George Washington; Bruce and The Spider; Old King Cole.

BO's black eye; Furniture removalist; GB's 12th sense; Mr Snootles applies for a job.
MENTAL ARITHMETIC Mr Snootles returns.
FRENCH How to summon a French waiter; Mr Snootles in the ceiling.

Mr Snootles is absent. Not reviewed

Snootles' mother-in-law's appendicitis
MATHS Need to increase work 100%, GB to be early and Mr Snootles banned from the classroom. Not reviewed
MATHS Train travel problem been on the board for 3 lessons. Mr Snootles looking for his bicycle.

Arrangements are made for the class picnic. Not reviewed

Boys are waiting at the station for Percy. BO is arrested for offensive behaviour. Not reviewed
THE CURFEW BELL BO brings an alarm clock; GB's essay "Bells, Curfew and Otherwise". Not reviewed
THE CURFEW BELL GB is not late for second time
SNOOTLES TEACHES Snootles' first lesson as assistant school master
GEOMETRY BO squits ink from a bike pump.
ASTRONOMY Any more Geometry and BO will scream; BO wants to do Latin. Not reviewed
ASTRONOMY Mr Snootles practices teaching.
SHAKESPEARE Shakespeare. The parents are back. Not reviewed
GARDENING Lesson in the school garden about planting vegetables. Not reviewed
GARDENING Snootles sings "The Bluebells of Scotland".
GEOGRAPHY Goldilocks and the Seven Dwarves; Mousetrap.
ENGLISH Percy ends a sentence with a preposition; Having the rats. [Last 3 minutes missing due to damaged acetate disc].
GEOGRAPHY Africa; Camels, the ships of the desert.
MATHS Circus; Maths problem about walking up steps.
POETRY Milton; A salesman tries to sell hospital badges. Not reviewed
POETRY Percy under the table.
POETRY Wordsworth; GB recites "The Daffodils".
ENGLISH Paper dart; GB caned for saying Hello.
ENGLISH ST writes a list of questions to ask Percy.
ENGLISH Pronouns; Is You / Am I; Mr Remington-Remington.
CHEMISTRY BO blows up the school after switching labels on bottles of chemicals. Not reviewed
AFTERMATH OF EXPLOSION Aftermath of explosion; first episode in the bike shed; Hives; Rickets.
CHEMISTRY Study of elements; Royal Commission joke; Butcher's phone number
211 93 CHEMISTRY Bottomley lets down Percy's tyres; Ammonia
CHEMISTRY ST has done his homework; GB is early for a test on elements and symbols.
213 94 CHEMISTRY Greenbottle late working out how not to be late.
214 95 GEOMETRY Greenbottle early; Boys behave; Compass.
215 96 GEOMETRY Isoceles triangles; Greenbottle's swing; Theorem 10
216 97 GEOMETRY Theorem 12
OPENING OF NEW CLASSROOM Mrs Greenbottle opens the new classroom
218 98 GEOMETRY Day after opening of new classroom
219 99 MATHS Fishing tackle; GB sits on it; 2 times tables.
WEIGHTS & MEASURES BO: "Tough guy, huh?"; 4 gills, 1 pint, etc; GB's pillowcase; Jack & Jill; Water on the brain;
221 14 ENGLISH Relative pronouns; GB's auntie is 'physic'
222 15
223 16 POETRY Ode to the Eagle; Ode to the Duck
224 17 POETRY To a Pine Tree; GB's essay on Keats
225 18 POETRY BO plans to clean the blackboard; Daisy the Beautiful.
226 19 POETRY ST does homework about Shelley; Jocular vein
227 20 SHOWGROUND At the showground (part 1 of 2)
228 21 SHOWGROUND At the showground (part 2 of 2)
229 22
BO gets ST into trouble; Demagogue
230 23 HISTORY House of Tudor
231 124 HISTORY House of Tudor; GB's dream; BO cheats.
232 24 HISTORY House of Tudor; No buts; Revision mirror; Monstrosity.
233 25 HISTORY Henry the Eighth.
234 26 PE TEACHER Boys play cricket in the classroom; P.E. Teacher 'Oop lads'.
235 27 HISTORY Percy at the window; Attempted history test; 'Oop lads'.
236 28 HISTORY GB early; History test; 7+8=19.
237 29 HISTORY History test; GB carried away.
238 30 FRENCH Test abandoned; GB's excuse list; French: 'What hour is it?'
239 31 FRENCH French idioms; Dead Sea; La biblioteque
240 32 FRENCH Sheperdess; Poetic licence
241 69
Charades; Maglinkincircles; GB carried away again.
242 70
243 71
Goldilocks; ST dismissed early; Leprosy.
244 72
Boys in trouble; BO's essay: 'Bulbs'.
245 73 MATHS Kleptomaniac; GB's father shortsighted.
246 74 MATHS Two towns; Oysters.
247 75 MATHS BO's dog died; Speed of sound; Adding machines; GB's note
248 76 SOUND GB's orange; Speed of light; Hillbillies.
249 77 SOUND Hillbillies
250 78 MATHS Feet in a mile; 3 times 6; 'Voice of the Schoolboy'.
251 79 PHYSICS - SOUND Percy's 'butchers in the nanny'; GB caught out having a list of excuses for being late; Crocodile shoes.
252 33 PHYSICS - SOUND Vibration; Conjugations; Guitar & bagpipes & cow.
253 34 ENGLISH Figures of speech; Shakespeare; Uncle Tom's Cabin
254 35 ENGLISH Figures of speech; Metaphors & synonyms; Megaphone.
255 36 ENGLISH Figures of speech; 'He runs like a hare'; GB dreamed that today was tomorrow.
256 37 ENGLISH Figures of speech; GB's uncle Sebastian; Gladiators. (first part of episode cut off)
257 38
Boys don't notice Percy; GB comes and goes; the others follow him; Boys pretend that Percy is an escaped lunatic. Policeman nearly arrests Percy.
258 125 GEOGRAPHY BO in trouble for yesterday; America; Hindus; Spanish.
259 39 GEOGRAPHY Countries of Nth America; 'The Tyrant'; Clive of India.
260 127 GEOGRAPHY Rivers of Nth America; Mississippi 4200; GB donkey noises; Grandma Bluejacket

262 126 GEOGRAPHY Rivers of Nth America; Nelson; GB's father at lodge; Soup for breakfast; GB feeding the fowls (ducks); South Sea Bubble.

264 129 GEOGRAPHY Towns of Nth America; Boys have to stand up to answer; New York; Washington.
265 130 GEOGRAPHY BO cleans the blackboard.
266 131 GEOGRAPHY BO late; Towns of America.
267 1 CHEMISTRY Zinc.
268 132 CHEMISTRY Zinc; The Orange Orchard incident
269 133 CHEMISTRY BO in trouble; Zinc; Little Bo-Peep
270 3 CHEMISTRY Oxygen; GB comes in and goes out; GB's uncle's mousetrap.
271 134 CHEMISTRY Properties of oxygen; GB on time; Boys extra polite.
272 2 CHEMISTRY / AUST HISTORY GB's dog which can pronounce its own name; Captain Cook.
273 135 HISTORY Captain Cook; GB answers correctly.
274 4 HISTORY Early explorers of Australia; GB the deep thinker.
275 5 HISTORY Early explorers; Flinders; Robinson Crusoe's brother.
276 136 HISTORY Early explorers; GB's lunch; GB's essay on mining.
277 6 HISTORY Early explorers; Three Bears; GB teases BO about his name; BO hits GB.
278 7 LATIN Boys fighting; Amble; Annus.
279 9 LATIN Chaos; Cainine; Ego.
280 10 LATIN BO's birthday; Ammo; Cup of tea.
281 137 LATIN Mr Snootals comes about the money Percy owes him.
282 138 LATIN 'The consul warned Caesar'; GB's cow Nellie
284 139 LATIN Talking goldfish; The Marshmallows.
285 232 MATHS Talk about the fete; Two times tables
MATHS Talk about tomorrow's fete; GB brings jumble stall items; ST imitates Snootles
287 233 THE FETE The fete.
288 234 MATHS 'A man drives at 60 miles an hour...'
289 8 WEIGHTS & MEASURES How many pounds in a ton; GB's essay on mushrooms.
290 11 WEIGHTS & MEASURES Tadpoles; Toadstools & turnstiles; "As usual"; Mushroom pun; Pounds in a ton; 'Oh yes!'
291 140 WEIGHTS & MEASURES A man and his potatoes; Centipede / centimetre;
292 12 WEIGHTS & MEASURES Crabs; Percy is ignored; GB is deeply troubled.
293 13
ST alone; BO late because of hives; goosflesh; pills/peas shooter; clinic
294 141 WEIGHTS & MEASURES 'A man weighs 7 stone'; Hillbilly talk.
295 56
ST calls Percy mad; GB's father's paintings.
296 57 GEOMETRY Theorem 15; Hiccups.
297 58 GEOMETRY Brains; Haircut; Timetables; Theorem 15; 'Therefore the triangles are congruent'
298 59 GEOMETRY Theorem 15; BO's pigeon.
299 60 GEOMETRY Parallel lines; One's breakfast; Circles.
300 61 GEOMETRY Definition of a circle; Euclid.
301 62 GEOMETRY Definition of a circle; GB is 'sore oppressed'.
302 63 GEOMETRY Definition of a circle; BO's hives; Percy leaves early; Boys fight; GB's Uncle Tootlewhistle
303 64 HISTORY BO has a dizzy spell; Boys refuse to speak to Percy; Norman Kings; GB is gagged.
304 65 HISTORY Norman kings; Soap box orators.
305 41,90 HISTORY Jack Dempsey; Retreading; Black hole of Calcutta; Richard the First.
306 66 HISTORY Richard the First; 'How do you mean sir?'; Richard the lion tamer; Start again.
307 67 HISTORY Percy canes BO immediately; King John; GB dismisses the class.
308 42
ST worried; GB early; Hide & Seek.
309 80 GEOGRAPHY Towns in India; Injuns
310 43,91 GEOGRAPHY GB's message to the editor; Myth / moth.
311 44,92 GEOGRAPHY India; The boys don't have pencils; GB's lunch; Rivers in India; Amazing River.
312 68 GEOGRAPHY India; BO nearly cleans the board; Ganges River; GB's Grandma; Conjugating verbs; Machine gun, train & cow noises.
313 100
Cow noises; Light Brigade; Lady Godiva; GB's uncle's impersonations.
314 81 FRENCH Reprimand for cow noises; GB's father is a bird lover; Mugwump bird; "The Daffodils"; Eskimos.
315 101 FRENCH Bucket over the door; 'The man is in the field'; Man/homme.
316 102 FRENCH 'The man is in the field'; The verb 'to be'.
317 82 FRENCH BO is caned straight away; Je suis; 'Yes sir no sir'; GB's father's wireless electric lights.
318 103 FRENCH Bonjour; GB's essay: 'Dogs; their uses and habits'
319 83 FRENCH Discussion about no work; The verb 'to be'; Japanese national anthem; auto suggestion; The Marshmallows; GB's cousin carried away.
320 104 FRENCH 'Ay; the stuff horses eat'.
321 105 FRENCH William the Conqueror; 'The soldier is in the castle'.
323 106 CHEMISTRY Aluminium; melting point of aluminium; 'isosolated' triangles.
324 107 CHEMISTRY Boiling point of aluminium; Percy late; BO's ice-cream shop.
325 108 CHEMISTRY Where is aluminium found?; GB thrown under a train.
326 109 CHEMISTRY Aluminium; haircut.
327 110 CHEMISTRY Mr Snootles - 'Hello'.
328 111
Mr Snootles; Wages are halved.
329 112 ENGLISH Past tense of the verb 'to be'; 'ick'.
330 113 ENGLISH Present tense of the verb 'to be'; Gramatical errors.
332 114 ENGLISH Infinitives; Infinity; Rhubarb; subjunctives
ENGLISH BO's rabbit Rita.
334 115 ENGLISH Shakespeare; Hamlet / Omolette.
335 116 ENGLISH Shakespeare; What a conference; Hamlet attempted.
336 117 ENGLISH Shakespeare; Hamlet; Pins; Italiano; Horatio.
337 118 ENGLISH Shakespeare; Hamlet; GB's essay - 'Pigs; their haunts and habits'.
338 119 LATIN 'The messenger is reading the message to Caesar'; Train & cow noises.
339 120 LATIN Nuntias the messenger; The milk boiled over; Pigeons.
340 45
Pigeons (day 2)
341 46 LATIN The messenger; Mr Snootals; GB's square wheel company.
342 47 LATIN GB leaves
343 84 LATIN The messenger
344 121 DE PLEDGE De Pledge's (Pickles') first day.
345 122
Air-raid warden
346 123 MATHS BO late; Uncle dies from hard drink; Tram stops.
347 142 MATHS Jelly; Boys in the class.
348 143 MATHS Boys divide a florin; ST stands on his head; For he's a jolly good fellow.
349 144 HISTORY PI talks like Snootals
350 145 HISTORY House of Stuart
351 235
Boys 'can't hear' Percy.
352 236
BO and PI fight and break window.
353 237 HISTORY Window still broken; Mr Cohen comes to fix it.
354 238 HISTORY The Magnacarta
355 146 HISTORY The Magnacarta; A Song of the Sea; Other recitations
356 147 HISTORY English kings; 'dismissed' puns; 'All aboard'; BO's essay on brains.
357 148
Snootals still cleaning room; Asks for a pay rise.
358 149 GEOMETRY Theorem 17; BO has a dizzy spell.
359 150 GEOMETRY Theorem 17; What's a theorem?; Proving the theorem.
360 151 GEOMETRY Book thrown at Percy; PI late; All books left at home.
361 152 GEOMETRY "Big hearted BO"; Definitions and plurals.
362 153 GEOGRAPHY Oceans
363 154 GEOGRAPHY Atlantic City; Pacific engines; Indian elephants.
364 155 GEOGRAPHY Pacific Ocean; Columbus.
365 156 GEOGRPAHY Shakespeare; Count of Monte Cristo; China; Laundries.
366 157 GEOGRAPHY 'Different from; similar to'; Puns; China.
367 158
BO late; Jeopard's eyes.
368 159
The boys behave well.
369 160 PHYSICS Definition of physics; Newton's 3 laws of motion - stop; caution; and go.
370 161 PHYSICS Percy at the window
371 162 PHYSICS Sir Isac Newton; Twiddles and twaddles.
372 163 PHYSICS Newton's first law; Horses; Inertia.
373 164 PHYSICS Newton's first law; two illustrations.
374 165 FRENCH Reflexive verbs.
375 166 FRENCH First Daphne episode.
376 167
BO beats up ST & PI; ST's nose bleeds; All are tickled; Snootals fixes it.
377 168
Snootals comes in regarding a message.
378 169
Daphne up a tree.
379 170 FRENCH The verb 'to be' in Latin; Italiano; 'The wolf is in the room'.
380 171 FRENCH PI accidently insults Percy; Trombone; BO in the cupboard.
381 172
Daphne proposes coming to St Percy's School.
382 173 POETRY BO bashes ST; Nose bleeds and ST goes out; Snootals takes his place.
383 174 POETRY Locking the doors & windows; The Sands of Dee.
384 175 POETRY BO 'recites' The Sands of Dee; Daphne brings in the mail.
385 176 INSPECTOR Preparing for the inspector's visit
386 177 INSPECTOR The Inspector attempts to visit.
387 239 INSPECTOR The Inspector's first visit
388 240 INSPECTOR The Inspector returns.
389 241 INSPECTOR The day after the Inspector's visit - 'The plot to end all plots'.
390 242
Morning tea
391 262 POETRY 'Our Funny English'; "Oh East Is East and West Is West..."
392 243 POETRY Duck's Disease
393 263 POETRY Daphne brings news.
394 264
GB returns.
395 265 POETRY Robin Hood and the Seven Dwarves.
396 266 POETRY Detrimental; Page 59; 'The Daffodils'.
397 200 CHEMISTRY GB late again; 'I'm late because my mother is ill'; Sulphur.
398 201 CHEMISTRY Commiting suicide with sulphuric acid.
399 267
Percy starts early; Snootals in classroom; Greenwich mean time.
400 272 CHEMISTRY Symbols of elements; GB locked out; Daphne waiting for BO.
401 244 CHEMISTRY Barnicles; GB's father not 'machinicly' minded; Oxide; Ides of March.
402 245 CHEMISTRY Pecry not in a good mood; GB's uncle ran over a man; Percy 'kills' GB.
403 178 CHEMISTRY Varieties of sulphur; Eating chalk.
404 179 MATHS PI reads questions from his book.
405 180 MATHS 'A man walks 2 miles in 3 minutes'.
406 181 MATHS Cubic feet into cubic yards; Digits & figits; Counting sheep.
407 182
BO burns his hand; Snootals helps.
408 183
BO pretends his hand hurts.
409 184 MATHS Train problem; Noose.
410 185 LATIN Daphne in the cupboard.
411 186 LATIN Dentists.
412 187 LATIN GB & Mr Grizzlepuss; Answering questions from Latin Book; Boat leaves.
413 188 LATIN Boys found out by Percy; Terror; Quid.
414 189 HISTORY Richard the Lion Heart; Motorbikes; Two stroke
415 190 HISTORY Henry 4 5 6; Counting; GB's essay on Richard the Lion Heart.
416 191 HISTORY BO Burns the school down.
417 192
At the police station.
418 193
In the bike shed; Snootals asks for a pay rise.
419 246 HISTORY Henry the Fourth; Cricket.
420 247 HISTORY GB caught having been with the builders; descendent
421 248 GEOGRAPHY Asia; Burma; Siam. (Has been edited, about 4 mins removed)
422 249 GEOGRAPHY Burma; GB late because a dog bit his father; Snivels
423 250 GEOGRAPHY Snivels; Telling jokes; Asia; Quandry.
424 251 GEOGRAPHY Asia; Psychological; Calcutta.
425 252 GEOGRAPHY Asia; Lawrence of Tibet; OK.
426 253
Wheelbarrow missing; Policeman called.
427 254 GEOGRAPHY Asia; Siberia; South Sea Bubble.
428 255 MATHS BO & PI fight; Little Lord Fontleroy; Parallelograms; Paralettergrams.
429 256 GEOMETRY Theorem 18; Parallelograms; Goat impersonations.
430 257
Goats; Black Orphingtons; White ants.
431 258 GEOMETRY Definition of a straight line; GB in the cupboard; GB selling homing pigeons.
432 259
Clean collars; GB in through the window; Open & close.
433 260 GEOMETRY Having a bath; Moving GB's bath.
434 261
Mr Snootals - 'Hello' phone calls; Courting disaster.
GEOMETRY Lesson before classroom opening; Ay the stuff horses eat
436 195 OPENING NEW CLASSROOM Opening new classroom.
437 196 PICKLES LEAVES PI leaves.
438 268
Institution / Intuition; Prize monkey.
439 269 PHYSICS Light prisms
440 270 PHYSICS Arc lamps (very poor audio quality)
441 273 PHYSICS Arc lamp; Rabbits; Tadpoles; BO causes GB to be caned.
442 274 PHYSICS Arc lamps; GB early; Boys in trouble for last lesson.
443 275 PHYSICS Percy at the window; Light advances in a straight line.
444 276 PHYSICS Eclipse; GB comes in and goes out; ST sleeps.
445 277 PHYSICS Illumination; Fig jam; Throwing the towel in.
446 197 PHYSICS Mr Snootals still cleaning the classroom; 'Therefore the triangles are congruent
447 198 FRENCH Gender
448 199 FRENCH GB's birthday; E-mute.
449 202 FRENCH GB comes in & goes out; Feminine adjective.
450 203 FRENCH Cow noises; Ismis; Penninsula.
451 278 FRENCH Muster; Adjectives; Coward; Mr Black.
452 204 FRENCH Rules of adjectives and nouns.
453 271 FRENCH Daphne cries.
454 278 FRENCH Muster; Position of adjectives; The verb 'to if'.
455 205 POETRY Keats; Steam engines; GB's recitation of 'The Daffodils'; Next door to Grizzlepuss.
456 206 POETRY Keats; GB's Latin; Keat's age.
457 207 POETRY Keats; His age; Ode on a Grecian Urn.
459 208 POETRY Ode To a Teapot.
460 209 POETRY GB's poetry: Ode To a Silkworm.
461 280
Percy talking to himself; Boys think he's mad and call Dr Jordanson.
462 281 CLOUDS Horse racing; Cinnamon.
463 282 CLOUDS Columbus; Clouding the issue.
464 283 CLOUDS Lesson outside; BO strikes Percy.
465 284 CLOUDS GB's mother is 'poorly'; Wanting pigeons.
466 285 CHEMISTRY Calcium family; Swiss Family Robinson.
467 286 CHEMISTRY Calcium; Gypsies.
468 287
BO; Snootals; Tacks and glue.
469 288 CHEMISTRY Calcium; Gypsum.
470 289 CHEMISTRY Plaster of Paris.
471 290 CHEMISTRY GB speaking French.
472 291
Ned Kelly.
473 292 TROY WEIGHT Mr Snootals; Alarm clock
474 210 TROY WEIGHT An ounce; BO sent out.
475 293 TROY WEIGHT 15/11 reduced to a pound.
476 294 TROY WEIGHT Reciting poetry.
477 295 TROY WEIGHT French lunatic; ST may be taken away.
478 296
479 211 TROY WEIGHT ST at kindergarten.
480 212 LATIN To fight; GB's bellago.
481 213 LATIN GB's father's inventions: Alarm clock with half a bell; Pug.
482 214 LATIN To fight; Reciting; Prunes.
483 298 LATIN Percy Mooed/Mood; GB's father's inventions: Ostrich cage; Translation.
484 215 LATIN Dart boards; Man working with the gas company who talks funny.
485 216 LATIN 'The messenger is carrying the letter to Rome'.
486 217 LATIN Veni vedi veci; Poker school; Julius Caesar; Christopher Columbus.
487 218 HISTORY The House of York; Guy Fawkes.
488 219 HISTORY William of Apple; House of York; William the Conjuror
489 220 HISTORY BO gets in trouble; Percy the butcher; Kings of England; The Two Princes.
490 221 HISTORY House of York.
491 222 HISTORY Black Prince; Spurs.
492 223 HISTORY Battle of Crecy; Black Hole of Calcutta.
493 224 HISTORY Union Jack; Joan of Arc.
494 225 HISTORY Union Jack.
495 226 HISTORY Union Jack; Charity lady.

Talk about how Percy's sweetheart turned him down; Burying petrol.
497 228 GEOGRAPHY Why is the world round?; Christopher Columbus; Bruce the Spider.
498 229
GB has no excuse but explains anyway.
499 230 GEOGRAPHY Percy at the window catches BO; Zones; GB's whistle; Lady Godiva.
500 231 GEOGRAPHY Zones; Moisture in the air; Greenwich.
501 299
GB early; Percy faints.
502 297 GEOGRAPHY Boys worried about Percy fainting last lesson; GB rejoicing; 3 forms of water.
GEOGRAPHY BO is caught at the window badmouthing Percy; Shylock / Goldilocks.
GEOGRAPHY GB late because of father's bad leg; Ode to a Chop; Mr Snootles is painted into a corner.
GEOGRAPHY ST asks Percy to start all over again; Optimist; Ethelred the silkworm.
506 86 GEOMETRY Triangles; Music; Tadpoles in the bath.
507 87
Text book; GB's watermelon.
508 88 GEOMETRY ST's peaches; Curried favour; Median of a triangle.
509 89 GEOMETRY Everybody yawning
GEOMETRY Books opened at page 92; start work immediately; vertex; What for / what four / what floor; GB is a British subject
511 300 GEOMETRY Horseplay; Western talk; Round Triangle.
GEOMETRY ST is alone; ST offers to play the piano; BO late because it was his father's fault; GB is poorly having been bashed up by Aunty Rita

The violinist.
514 48 GEOMETRY BO caught by Percy at the window; In the neutral; Bounding lines.
515 49 GEOMETRY GB early; GB in the cupboard; accidental laughter at end
516 50 GEOMETRY Horse / hoarse; BO pretends to be Percy.
517 51 PHYSICS Surface tension; 'Ay fever.
518 52 PHYSICS Lorna; Nuttin'
519 53 PHYSICS Surface tension; Tipsy; High tension
520 54 Last Episode Last episode; The school for sale

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